Route booklets

Five Casadean itinerary booklets (Order Form) have already been produced:

⇒ Casadean Livradois itineraries booklet

The first itinerary booklet was published on the occasion of the 2002 Heritage Days, in the area of the Livradois-Forez Regional Natural Park, which is historically the first expansion area of the Casadean congregation.

Casadean itineraries booklet from Rhône to Velay

The second booklet proposes a linear itinerary and not a loop as the first, linking the Rhône to Velay.

Casadean itineraries booklet from Velay to Bas-Languedoc 

The third booklet, published in June 2009, is also linear and takes up the route of supplies for the monks of La Chaise-Dieu from the shores of the Mediterranean via the Gard and the Cévennes.

Casadean itineraries booklet of French-speaking Switzerland, Terroirs de Grandson, canton of Vaud, Val de Travers and Val de Ruz canton of Neuchâtel

The fourth book of itineraries published in May 2011, produced by the association “Le Tireur d’épine” traces the history of 15 Casadean townships of the sovereign cantons of Neuchâtel and Vaud, bathed by the waters of the lake with the Jura valleys. Travers and Ruz.

⇒ Casadean itineraries booklet Allier and Senouire (Lafayette country)

The fifth book of itineraries published in November 2011, traces the history of 45 Casadean sites in the Pays de Lafayette and 2 associated sites (Berbezit and Brioude), crossing the banks of the Allier and passing through the Senouire.

Other itineraries will be born in the same collection on territories not yet covered.

Traveling Exhibition, A Network in History

To present the history of the Abbey of La Chaise-Dieu and its outbuildings and the heritage still visible today, we have created an exhibition.
Consisting of ten panels: five general panels on Casadian history and five regional panels (the country of Meygal, Livradois-Forez, a sweet Valley for the nuns: La Vaudieu, between Allier and Senouire and Billy: a Casadean church in Bourbonnais ) this evolving exhibition is enriched each year with new panels presenting sites from various regions.
Edited on lightweight paper (Tyvek paper), our exhibition is easy to transport and installs quickly.
Available in three copies, it is available to all Casadian sites that can make the request (see the terms of loan with our secretariat). You can also discover it in our offices Rue Saint-Martin 43160 LA CHAISE-DIEU – FRANCE

The RESC icon

Around the logo

Casa Dei (House of God in Latin) is the name given to the Abbey of La Chaise-Dieu in the 11th century, which explains why the monks of the congregation are called “Casadéens”.
European Network of Casadean sites is written in French, Spanish and Italian, in the three languages of the founding countries of the association.

The logo

The keystone symbolizes:

  • the monastic roots of the network,
  • the importance of the architectural and cultural link of the network,
  • the opening (radiation of the branches not delimited),
  • the perfection represented by the symbol of the circle.

The color square “Earth” (Brick) 

  • the square shape is the symbol of Man. The 4 sides symbolize the 4 elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire,
  • the color “Earth” represents the rooting of the network in rural areas (90% of Casadian sites are located in rural areas)

Casadean letters

Communication within the Network is ensured by the publication of an annual Casadean letter, which retraces fragments of history, presents current projects and all the information relating to the network, as well as the activities of the municipalities and member associations.