In their time men used various means of communication for trade, migration …

The monks did the same, to concretize by their presence the influence of the abbey of the Chaise Dieu. The abbot of the mother house delegated a Visitor to consolidate the congregation despite the slowness and length of the communications. In addition, the leaders of the Maisons de la Chaise Dieu took the road to attend the annual General Chapter each year, only the representatives of priory and abbeys very distant could come only every two years. Groupings took place in the abbeys and priory which assured them lodging and covered.

In our time cultural routes have been created on a European scale on various themes:

  • Ancient ways of pilgrimage
  • Characters and historical and religious heritage …

These cultural itineraries help develop various values:

  • History
  • Heritage
  • Culture
  • Knowledge
  • Citizenship
  • Literary