Way of Saint Robert

Point on the Chemin de Saint-Roberte

Pierrefort portion plot project – Saint Flour (France – Cantal – 15)

Report of the meetings of March 27, 2017 and May 15, 2017 in Saint-Just-près-Brioude (France – Haute-Loire – 43)

  1. List of presents

Elected from the municipality of Saint-Just-près-de-Brioude (France – Haute-Loire – 43): 

  • Mrs. Isabelle BAUFRETON (Deputy Mayor)
  • Mr Georges TRONCHERE (Mayor)
  • Mr. Jean-Louis NICOLAS (Deputy Mayor)

European network of Casadian sites (RESC)

  • Mr. Robert FLAURAUD (président)

“the paths of Europe”association  (Website)

  • Mr. Alain CEZAC (Mayor of Mur-de-Barrez) (President) (France – Aveyron – 12)
  • Mr Emile GASTAL (Les Ternes) (vice-president Cantal) (France – Cantal – 15)
  • Mr Jean-Claude DELORT (councilor of Neuvéglise) (treasurer) (France – Cantal – 15)
  • Mr. Michel COUILLAUD (Saint-Martin-sous-Vigouroux) (Honorary President) (France – Cantal – 15)
  1. Subject:
Chapel of Turlande (France – Cantal -15)

Thanks to a certain interest, it is conducted a joint piloting between the association “the paths of Europe” and the European Network of Casadean sites (RESC) for the realization of a reopening of the path of Saint Robert (of Turlande) for several advantages:

  • Reinstatement of a historic path carrying culture and local traditions.
    Development of a sport and health project.
    Share with hikers the values specific to each territory.
    Federation of associations and local initiatives around a common project.
    Assistance to the economic development of the territory around a 3 seasons tourism from April to October.
  1. State of progress of the path of La Chaise-Dieu (France – Haute-Loire – 43) in Burgos (Spain)

3-1 The route currently defined is the following from BURGOS (Spain) to SAINT-FLOUR (France – Cantal – 15)

– The segment Burgos (Spain) in Conques (France – Aveyron – 12) will take the GR65 (Le Puy – en – Velay (France – Haute – Loire – 43)> Burgos – Conques> Saint Jacques.

– The Conques – France segment (Aveyron – 12) in Mur – de – Barrez (France – Aveyron – 12) will take the GR465 (Conques> Mur – de – Barrez> Cluny).

The route of the Mur – de – Barrez segment (France – Aveyron – 12) in Saint – Flour (France – Cantal – 15) (Saint – Robert) is currently being finalized.

3-2 The following route remains to be defined: SAINT-FLOUR (France – Cantal – 15) at LA CHAISE-DIEU (France – Haute-Loire – 43)

The route of the Saint-Flour segment at La Chaise-Dieu is to be defined in its four components:

      • The Chaise-Dieu (France – Haute-Loire – 43)

        The geographical route itself (to be compared with the historical route)

      • Designations of the main stages evening and intermediate stages

      • Designation of accommodation (lodgings and cutlery) essential for hikers

      • List of sites and other notable heritage features of the territories crossed

The first proposal of the route SAINT-FLOUR (France – Cantal -15) to LA CHAISE-DIEU (France – Haute-Loire – 43) is the Following:

Cantal : Saint-Flour > Mentières > Lastic > Celoux > La Chapelle-Laurent

Haute-Loire : Mercoeur > Sagne Redonde > Ladignat (Saint-Just-près-Brioude) > Brioude > Lavaudieu … La Chaise-Dieu

This first proposal will have to be validated by all the elected representatives and the parties concerned by the route.

  1. Methodological proposal
  • Information and validation of the course by the elected officials on their territory (signature of a charter of engagement)

  • Collection of the elements useful to the reception and the information of the hikers (by each municipality concerned)

    • Accommodation list, cottages and flatware
    • List of points of interest and local highlights
  • Information meetings of elected officials, officials and tourism and economic operators involved in the project (by the association in consultation with elected représentatives)

    • Elected, EPCI public intercommunal co-operation organization, Departmental Council, Tourist Offices, Departmental Hiking Committees (CDRP) (..)

    • Professional hosts and administrators
    • Association of hikers and cultural associations
    • Other (to be defined)
  • Introduction to the departmental hiking committees CDRP 43,15 and 12 an application for homologation (by the association)

  1. Issues addressed
  • The charge of the municipalities in the project (availability, security and maintenance of the road on the communal portion)

  • Financing of works and civil engineering works (commune or public institution of inter-municipal cooperation EPCI) then European funding

  • Setting up an agenda